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Japanese Restaurant in Salzburg

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Authentic Japanese Cuisine


We are pleased to welcome you here on our website!

In Salzburg’s most beautiful Japanese restaurant you can enjoy the uniqueness of the Japanese kitchen in an authentic and genuine ambiance.

Get a first impression of our restaurant and service here on our website. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Fujiya as our valuable guest soon to pamper you with our delicacies and to give you an impression of Japan’s exotic cuisine.

Our Signature Offerings

Fujiya Specialties


Japans most famous, healthy ad trendy culinary export is of course one of the most important point on our menu as well and we enjoy pampering you with our freshly prepared Sushi.

Next to a large variety of single Maki and Nigiri Sushis out of which you can select your favorite ones, we also offer you a selection of Sushi Sets which cover the complete variety of different Sushis.


Sashimi simply means thin slices of raw fish. Sashimi – as well as the different types of Sushi – is traditionally served with soy sauce and spicy, green, Japanese horseradish Wasabi.

Just like Sushi, Sashimi is not only a pleasure for both, eyes and tongue. It also meets all expectations of modern healthy and conscious nutrition.


Teppanyaki is the traditional Japanese way of barbecuing in a hot steel plate. It is a popular way to prepare all kinds of meat and fish, and we recommend our Teppanyaki Salmon and Chicken as your choice from the Teppanyaki menu.

Most of our traditional recipes still consist of the original Japanese ingredients and spices which give the Japanese dishes their special taste and flavor. Our Teppan-Yaki specialties which we still prepare with the traditional Japanese methods and tools are a good example.


Tempura is the traditional Japanese method of deep frying, where high temperatures and very short cooking times guarantee a crispy and light dough.

The Japanese love the ocean and seafood, and the Japanese cuisine is strongly dominated by the sea’s many delicacies. Our Tempura prawns best represent this this Japanese preference and we recommend them as your choice from our Tempura selection.

Japanese Dishes

The special uniqueness of the Japanese kitchen is the delicate, natural elegance which dominates the taste experience. Even the aspect of the dishes and their presentation gives an idea of the fine, subtle taste and is an essential component of the meal or menu as a whole.

In addition to our Japanese signature dishes (such as Sushi, Sashimi, and Teppanyaki) we also serve a range of other Japanese classics like Udon noodles, Yakitori skewers, Sunomono (cold marinated seafood), Miso Soup, and a number of seasonal dishes.

Asian Dishes

In addition to our Japanese specialties we also offer you a choice of delicacies from other Asian regions. Our menu encloses both, classical dishes which are a permanent part of our choice and a group of dishes which we vary according to season and trends.

Therefore you will find some traditional Chinese dishes as well as for example some interesting exotic and spicy specialties from Malaysia. That way we hope to be able to continuously provide you with new culinary discoveries.


As the grand final of your Japanese meal we offer you some exquisite Japanese desserts. Next to classical desserts such as stewed Lychees or fruit fritters we specially recommend you to try our Maccha ice-cream, a dessert with the very particular taste of the green tea powder which is also used for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

For those who like it sweeter we have a very delicious ice-cream with Azuki bean-topping or Mochi sticky-rice balls with shredded coconut. This choice of desserts maybe in combination with a nice cup of green tea will perfectly round down your culinary trip to Japan at the Fujiya.


To go along with our delicious food next to a large choice of international beverages our drink menu also encloses a variety of Asian beverages. Next to Japan’s three most popular beers we also offer you plum wine, the famous Japanese rice wine Sake and the delicate Shochu rice liquor.

Of course our drink menu also includes some non alcoholic drink such as the refreshing Calpis drink or a choice of fruit juices.

An exquisite selection of Asian teas complete our drink menu.

Delivery & Take-Away

Enjoy the unique Fujiya flavor in the comfort of your home!

We have put together a choice of our delicacies which can be delivered so you can enjoy the unique Fujiya taste at home.

You can also pre-order all our delivery products and then come pickt hem up directly at our Restaurant. That way no delivery fee will be charged.

Order Times: We accept delivery and take-away orders before 2:10 pm at noon, and before 10:10 pm in the evening.

Delivery & Take-Away Menu
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Hear it from our Customers

I had the small sashimi selection which was 9x massive pieces of tuna, salmon, octopus and a white fish. The wasabi hit the right spot at the back of the head - highly recommended! The highlight of the meal was complimentary tofu starter: Silky smooth with just enough body to pick up with chopsticks in a sweet-savoury mild chilli sauce to die for.

Boris (UK) via TripAdvisor

At Fujiya we found Unexpected Excellence. This quiet Japanese restaurant in Salzburg was nearly empty when we arrived and so I have to say we weren't expecting much. How wrong we were! The food was delicious and the kids were happy with their meals. We would definitely come back.

Vicky S (Australia) via TripAdvisor

We were staying down the road so I wandered down to pick up a menu, which was in German but the owners were so helpful in translating various dishes to English. They gave me their number to order food via WhatsApp and they delivered to our hotel's reception. Dumplings and sushi were great and we enjoyed a curry. Prices were very reasonable. Highly recommend.

Linda D (Australia) via TripAdvisor

Fujiya is a cute litte restaurant. Great food with reasonable pricing and serving. We also had such friendly service! We felt so welcome (and in Salzburg, service is not usually known to be that friendly 😉 Will definitely go there again! Good job Fujiya!

Anna W via Google Reviews

This is the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Salzburg. Even Japanese tourists go there and are happy with the quality. In summer you can sit in a cute little Japanese-style restaurant garden. IMHO this is the best (and only) place in Salzburg to if you want to get close to real Japanese taste. Teppanyaki Salmon and Tofu with Meat-Sauce are both a must try.

Steve R via Yelp

I have been dining at Fujiya for more than 10 years and return to this culinary delight every year! The food is scrumptious, fresh and flavorful and the service is absolutely the best. The outdoor terrace is perfect to take guest, for travelers, or for and intimate dining experience with someone special. I highly recommend Fujiya for the best food in town!

Ariaa J (USA) via Yelp

A friend had recommended Fujiya as a local favorite and it did not disappoint. We ordered fresh Sushi delivered right to our house. The Ahi literally melted in my mouth. It was an amazing grade of tender freshness! The salmon sushi was equally good. After my take out experience, I can't wait to go back and try out the restaurant!

Christina R (USA) via Yelp

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